Using Frequency Adverbs and the Present Simple

What are frequency adverbs and how do I use them with the Present Simple?

We use frequency adverbs like sometimes or usually with the present tense to explain how often things happen.


The actual frequency of adverbs can be seen below:

100%             0%
Always Usually /


Often / Frequently Sometimes Occasionally Seldom Hardly ever / Rarely Never

6 examples of frequency adverbs and the present simple

When we use frequency adverbs with the present simple, the adverb comes before the main verb in the sentence:

  • I always eat a lot of vegetables.
  • We usually visit my parents every weekend.
  • I sometimes go to the gym. (also: Sometimes I go to the gym).
  • I seldom finish work before 6 pm.
  • I rarely read newspapers anymore.
  • I never do my homework.

BUT in some cases with the verb to be, they come after the verb:

  • I am usually late for school.
  • You are never on time.

If you put them at the beginning or end of a sentence, this adds emphasis:

  • Usually, I am late for school.
  • I am late for school usually.