Understanding your Level of English: CEFR

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages  (CEFR) is recognised as the most widely used framework to give a student, teacher, or business a reference point for judging their own, or someone’s language ability.

The CEFR has 6 levels of language proficiency as below:

CEFR and Cambridge Exams mapped
Source: Cambridge English

What we can seehere is how Cambridge Language examinations fit into the CEFR framework and how our grammar explanations fit into your studying schedule.

If you would like to know which level you are and what you should then be studying, we suggest taking the Cambridge tests and then using our easy to understand grammar explanations to work your way to a higher level.

Understanding IELTS Levels

Below is a guide to IELTS results adn levels in CEFR.

CEFR and IELTS levels compared