Adjectives and prepositions

Adjectives and prepositions often go together. Sadly, there is no rule or pattern which we can follow in this situation so these just have to be learnt.

Here are some common adjectives which take prepositions:

Some common prepositions + at

  • good AT (doing) something
  • bad AT (doing) something
  • excellent AT (doing) something
  • brilliant AT (doing) something
  • hopeless AT (doing) something


  • I am not very good at tennis, but I am brilliant at playing squash.

Some common adjectives + to

  • married TO someone
  • nice TO someone
  • kind TO someone
  • good TO someone
  • (im)polite TO someone
  • rude TO someone
  • (un)pleasant TO someone
  • (un)friendly TO someone
  • cruel TO someone


  • John is married to Susan
  • That little boy in the shop was very polite to the shopkeeper
  • Alan is always unfriendly to his colleagues.

Some common adjectives + for

  • sorry FOR (doing) something
  • be (or) feel sorry FOR someone
  • famous FOR something
  • responsible FOR something


  • I am sorry for breaking the glass.
  • I feel sorry for Peter, he failed his exam.
  • Roger Federer is famous for being a tennis player.
  • You are responsible for your personal belongings.

Some common adjectives + of

  • fond OF something (or) someone
  • full OF something
  • short OF something


  • I am short of money; can you lend me €10?
  • Fizzy soft drinks are usually full of sugar and preservatives. 
  • I am fond of my cousin Jennifer.

Other adjectives + prepositions

  • keen ON something
  • similar TO something
  • crowded WITH something (or) somebody
  • sorry  ABOUT something
  • interested IN something


  • I am keen on learning Spanish.
  • My exam results were similar to Alexander’s.
  • The bus in the morning is crowded with people going to work.
  • I’m sorry about breaking your vase.
  • She’s really interested in studying medicine.